Welcome to my world of sports journalism! It all began during the summer of 2014 when I was captivated by the Soccer World Cup. Watching the tournament sparked a deep love for sports within me. What fascinated me most was how sports transcends cultural barriers, uniting people worldwide. It was during this time that I realized sports would play a significant role in my future.

Growing up in a humble household with a single mother who always encouraged my dreams, I pursued my passion for sports journalism with determination. Despite initial setbacks, including struggling with Spanish during a journalism class in Manhattan, I persevered. With hard work and dedication, I turned my language challenges into an advantage, connecting with a broader audience through a blend of Spanglish.

Today, I am proud to have interviewed some of the biggest names in sports, including stars like Jalen Brunson and the Argentina National Team. Currently, I am studying at NYU, further honing my skills and knowledge in journalism.

Join me on this journey as I continue to share my passion for sports through insightful interviews, engaging articles, and captivating stories.